Storybeat Creative

Brittany Svendsen

Prior to launching Storybeat, I worked for nine years as the marketing communications manager for one of Minnesota's largest private companies. In my position, I managed all internal and external brand communications and provided creative direction, strategic development, graphic design, copywriting, and video production for multiple brand campaigns. In other words, I wore a buncha hats. 

Now, I feel blessed to help others tell their stories in honest and meaningful ways. Some more about me:

Big thinker with an knack for detail. Some people live for the big picture. Others love the details. I’ve learned I’m wired in both worlds. This allows me to manage each step of a project without losing sight of the end goal.

Optima-gatist. Part optimist. Part pragmatist. I'll dream alongside you, yet I know how to scale the dream to fit within budget and resource constraints.

An eye and ear for nuance. I'm fascinated by nuances in all forms of communication—subtle shades of meaning, expression, or sound. I believe my curiosity and sensitivity to these subtleties helps me deliver the intangible "just feels right" in my work.

Other fun stuff. My other passions include live theater and stage acting, musing on life, Minnesota lakes, pond hockey, spontaneous dance parties with my husband and kiddos, telling killer "mom" jokes, and striving to live each day better than the last.